Best Unique Funeral Ideas

Whether you're wanting to keep it simple with personalisation, or looking for more extravagance such as firework displays or alternative hearses, discover our best unique funeral ideas today - perfect for celebrating the life of a loved one.

Organising a funeral

How to help someone grieving

Seeing a loved one in pain can be hard to witness. Find out how to support someone who is grieving - from what to say to which comments to avoid, learn the best way to support the bereaved today.

Grief support

What to say at a funeral

Knowing the right things to say at a funeral isn’t always easy. From what to say before to talking points which you should avoid, funerals can be a difficult time for many. With our help, learn how best to approach what to say at funerals.

Attending a funeral

Coping with grief and loss

Need help coping with grief and loss? Grief can affect everybody differently. When you lose someone you love, grief can take you through the most painful and unexpected emotions you may ever experience. Find out how to deal with grief and loss today.

Grief support

A guide to funeral etiquette

Preparing yourself for the day of a funeral is never easy, and you may also need advice about certain aspects of funeral etiquette. From what to wear, to where to sit, to what happens at the end of the service – learn more today.

Attending a funeral