Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will be providing my funeral?

Your funeral will be carried out by the Co-operative Funeralcare, the UK’s leading Funeral Home. All of our Plans allow you to record which of our funeral homes you would like to entrust with your funeral arrangements. If you move house later, it’s easy to change this information.

2. Which services will be covered by my Funeral Plan?

A Funeral Plan from The Midcounties Co-operative is fully guaranteed. This means that all of the services included in our Plans are covered and there will be no more to pay for them, no matter how much prices rise.

 • If you choose a Unique Tribute Funeral Plan, the Funeral Home will help you to choose the services that you want the Plan to cover and will record the details and prices of these services for you on the Application Form.

• If you choose one of the Set Plans, the services covered by each Plan are detailed in the brochure. 

 Everyone who arranges a Plan also gets a Plan Summary once we have received their Application Form, which confirms the details of the services they have chosen.

3. Are there any age restrictions on purchasing a Funeral Plan?

Our Plans are available to anyone over the age of 18.

4. Do I need a medical or health check to buy a Funeral Plan from The Midcounties Co-operative?

No, there are no medical questions and there is no medical or health check required when applying for any of our Funeral Plans, even if you have any existing medical conditions.

5. Can I take a Plan out for somebody else?

Yes, all of our Plans and payment options allow you to buy a Plan for someone else. If you do this, as the Plan Purchaser you will receive all of the correspondence about the Plan and you will have all of the rights to the Plan and be responsible for paying for it.

6. I would like to buy one Plan for the funeral of either myself or my partner. Can I do this?

Yes, this is possible on both our Set Cremation and Unique Tribute Funeral Plans. Two Plan Holders are named on the Application Form, and the Plan can be redeemed for the funeral of either of the Plan Holders. 

The only stipulation is that the Plan Purchaser (the person who is paying for the Plan) has to be one of the two Plan Holders.

7. Can I purchase a Plan for a headstone?

Call us on 0800 454 940 to discuss your headstone requirements.

8. How will the person arranging my funeral know what to do when the time comes?

When you take out a Plan with us, you receive a Documents Folder which has a Plan Summary for you to give to the person who is most likely to arrange your funeral. The folder contains useful information explaining exactly what to do with the documents, as well as what the person arranging your funeral will need to do when the time comes. 

Your local Midcounties Co-operative Funeral Home will give them all the help and support they need and can be contacted at any time if you or the person arranging your funeral has any questions or concerns.

9. How can I include my personal requests in my Funeral Plan?

A Unique Tribute Funeral Plan, available only from one of our Midcounties Co-operative Funeralcare funeral homes, is specially designed to allow detailed arrangement requests, such as where you would like the funeral service to take place or what you would like to happen to jewellery or other personal items.

The Funeral Home will discuss and record all of your requests for you and any costs will be included in the Plan price. You can also add to or amend your Funeral Plan arrangement requests at any time and as often as you like by contacting your local Midcounties Co-operative Funeralcare.

If you choose a Set Funeral Plan, you will also have the opportunity to record your funeral requests. We provide a form for you to complete and you can do this either when you arrange your Plan or at any time in the future. On this form, you can record:

• Requests to personalise the services already included in your Set Funeral Plan such as choices of hymns, music and readings.

• Requests for services which are not included in your Set Funeral Plan, such as additional limousines, a newspaper notice, or a memorial. These services will need to be paid for by the person arranging your funeral at the time. At the time of the funeral, the Funeral Home and the person arranging the funeral will be provided with details of all of your requests.

We can’t guarantee your funeral requests but we will work closely with the person arranging the funeral to make sure it is exactly as you would have wanted.

10. What personal touches can be arranged by my family at the time of the funeral?

The person arranging the funeral may wish to include further services such as flowers, additional limousines, newspaper notices, or burial or scattering of ashes which are not included in your Plan. The Funeral Home will help to arrange these services and they will need to be paid for in full at the time of the funeral by the person who arranges them.