Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Making it affordable

Our pre-paid Funeral Plans relieve the financial burden a funeral can often present. To make a Funeral Plan even more affordable for you, we provide you with a range of funeral payment options. You can choose to pay your pre-paid funeral costs in full or spread the cost over a longer period with our low cost monthly instalment options – whatever works best for you.

How to pay for your own funeral

Pay in full for immediate cover

Pay in full when you arrange your Funeral Plan and relax knowing everything is taken care of. Cover is immediate and payment can be made via the telephone using a credit or debit card, or you can visit your local Midcounties Co-operative Funeralcare and pay by cash, cheque or card.

Cost of pre-paid funeral plans with 12 interest-free monthly payments

Spread the cost of your Funeral Plan over 12 interest-free months via Direct Debit. 

Pre-paid funeral costs include £250 Member discount - only available until 31 July 2019.

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 Funeral Plan Single Payment 12 Monthly Repayments
Simple Set Cremation Plan £2,870 £239.17 per month
Bronze Set Cremation Plan £3,270 £272.50 per month
Silver Set Cremation Plan £3,625 £302.09 per month
Gold Set Cremation Plan £3,875 £322.92 per month


Spread the cost of your Funeral Plan with our wide range of low monthly payments

Make your Funeral Plan more affordable by spreading the cost over smaller, monthly Direct Debit payments for a fixed period. With our pre-paid funeral plans prices, your monthly payment will never rise, no matter how much funeral prices increase in the future. And once paid in full, everything in the Plan is guaranteed.

Funeral payment prices shown include Member Exclusive discount only available to members of The Midcounties Co-operative. Until 31 July 2019.

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Payment Options Simple Bronze Silver Gold
Member Discount £250 £250 £250 £250
Payment in Full £2,870 £3,270 £3,625 £3,875
12 months £239.17 £272.50 £302.09 £322.92
24 Monthly payments*


(total repaid £2,927.28)


(total repaid £3,335.40)


(total repaid £3,697.44)


(total repaid £3,952.56)

36 Monthly payments*


(total repaid £2,984.76)


(total repaid £3,400.92)


(total repaid £3,769.92)


(total repaid £4,029.84)

60 Monthly payments*


(total repaid £3,070.80)


(total repaid £3,499.20)


(total repaid £3,878.40)


(total repaid £4,146.00)

120 Monthly payments*


(total repaid £3,386.40)


(total repaid £3,859.20)


(total repaid £4,278.00)


(total repaid £4,572.00)

 *An Instalment Charge is included in the Plan cost if you choose to pay by monthly instalments:
24 months – 2%, 36 months – 4%, 60 months – 7% , 120 months – 18%