Why pre-pay for your funeral?

The funeral you want. Exactly how you want it. 

A Funeral Plan from The Midcounties Co-operative provides an easy, cost effective way to organise your arrangements in advance, specify your exact funeral wishes, and take care of the costs.

Our Plans will save your family worry and expense, and help make things easier for them at a difficult time. 

When the time comes, your family need only make one simple phone call to The Midcounties Co-operative to put your funeral arrangements in motion. Your family won’t need to choose a Funeral Home, decide what kind of funeral you wanted, deal with paperwork or organise the service – we’ll do it all for them, based exactly on what you want.

Our Plans also guarantee that once paid for, the services included in your Plan will be automatically covered, and there will be nothing more for your loved ones to pay for those services when the time comes. And if they want to add their own personal touches at the time, such as flowers, additional cars, readings and music, then can.*

*There may be an additional charge at the time for additional or special requests not included in the Plan.


An essential part of your financial planning.

The cost of the average funeral in the UK is projected to rise to £4,620^ by 2020. Don’t leave a financial burden on your family.

Every year the cost of a funeral goes up in the UK and that rise is predicted to continue – at a rate greater than most bank or building society returns. In 2015 the average cost of a funeral was £3,693^, and that is expected to rise to £4,620^ by 2020.

This increase is being driven by a lack of reasonably priced land for cemeteries, and the need for crematoria to invest in their facilities to comply with UK and EU regulations.

Our Funeral Plans fix funeral costs at today’s prices and guarantee to cover the cost of everything included in your plan. We promise that your loved ones will have nothing more to pay for the services included in your plan when the time comes, regardless of how much funeral costs increase in the future.

So, the sooner you take out a plan, then more you can save.


Third party costs

Third party costs refer to those additional services such as crematorium, ministers’ and doctors’ fees. It is these fees that are driving the rising cost of a funeral and are outside of a Funeral Home’s control.

Unlike many other funeral plans available today, our plans include these third party costs in the cost of your plan. We guarantee there will be nothing more to pay for these costs in your plan – even if there is a shortfall when the time comes.

Spreading the cost of your plan

We offer flexible payment options with new lower monthly repayments that make paying for your Funeral Plan easier. You can pay up front with a one-off single payment, or spread the cost with manageable monthly instalments, find out more here. The choice is yours.